Antirrhinum majus or Snapdragon flowers are perfect for an allergy-free garden

As the days get warmer, customers are spending hours and hours out in the garden – which means investing in new outdoor living equipment. Relaxing outside on the grass with a cold bottle of beer, maybe with a BBQ sizzling away — a blissful afternoon by anyone’s standards! But if your customers suffer from allergies, particularly pollen allergies like hay fever, then the idea of relaxing out in the garden over summer in an allergy-free garden could seem like an unachievable dream. In dry or windy conditions, pollen spores spread quickly and aggravate hay fever symptoms. What seems like a great idea on paper quickly turns into a sunny afternoon of sneezing and coughing.

With 44% of British adults suffering from one allergy or more, enabling customers to create allergy-free gardens could be a huge benefit. Join compost supplier Compost Direct as we look at how to market allergy-free gardens…