JensenGrill Set To Take Catering Market By Storm

New for 2018, JensenGrill has launched its Estate .1 range in the UK.

JensenGrill make the only true combined charcoal and gas barbecues in the world, and they’ve been developed with professional chefs in mind.  Fans of the Jensen include Claus Meyer, the co founder of the world’s best restaurant, NOMA in Copenhagen.

The JensenGrill luxury grills combine charcoal briquettes and gas in one flexible unit, so you can choose char-grilling or gas-grilling, or a combination of the two.

The gas burners can be used to light the charcoal which will be at cooking temperature in 15 minutes, and then cook exclusively on open coals and or boost with gas. The barbecue uses a unique height adjustment system and movable trays which mean you can set the grill up for both direct and indirect cooking. This ultimate level of control and taste means that they are enjoyed by professionals.JensenGrill

This year the new 2018 models, the  .1, have a number of improvements on previous JensenGrill models including a stronger professional grade stainless steel frame, a new coal tray making it easier to refill and empty and a modification which means the JensenGrill is also capable of cold smoking food as well.

Paul Brown, Group Director Hillbrooke Hotels who has tested the JensenGrill in the UK said: “We had the pleasure of using a JensenGrill at The William Cecil Hotel at Stamford. We served over 120 covers from one single JensenGrill. The grill was certainly put through its paces and didn’t disappoint.” 

There are three sizes available in the JensenGrill range from authorised UK distributor BBQ Barn.  For more details visit