Get the balance right with Flopro

The Flopro philosophy has always been to ensure that gardeners select the right product for the right job, but equally important is the right quality for the right consumer. Entry level products are vitally important to encourage new consumers and fringe gardeners to take a first step on the gardening journey. With this in mind, Flopro have upgraded their introductory range which provides high quality, no leaks products that fit all brands, while still retaining ‘value’ price points.

However, Glee marked a turning point in moving the watering market forward as M.D. Nick Davies explains. “Garden Centres in particular were attracted to higher price point ranges which offer their discerning and often quite demanding customers, professional quality hoses, fittings and accessories. These are the sort of people who will happily invest over £100 in a hose reel and cart. We take a good, better, best approach and the quality and breadth of the Flopro+ and Elite ranges not only satisfies the needs of keener gardeners, they create significant incremental revenue for the retailer.”

Floor hose panelThe height adjustable Flopro Elite Tripod Sprinkler is a good example of products which appeal to keener gardeners. It has an area coverage of 415m2 from a heavy-duty metal head which easily adjusts from 0- 360 degrees, a serious product for serious gardeners.

Flopro Elite TripodThe extensive range of Flopro+ and Elite spray guns, connectors and nozzles are manufactured using high quality materials to ensure that they will not damage easily in the rough and tumble of everyday gardening activity.

Communicating the benefits of products with higher price points is achieved through the use educational POS on back wall fixtures plus free standing promotional display units

Getting the balance right is critical. Flopro offers retailers the opportunity to select ranges which meet their individual customer’s aspirations.