Flopro Bringing water to Life New Eco Smart Watering

Bringing water to life

Flopro Garden and Lawn watering equipment combines functionality, ergonomic styling and fresh colours. Manufactured using the finest materials and latest technology, Flopro products are anti- leak, snap-fit with guaranteed durability and are compatible with major watering brands.

Decorative watering

Flopro provides the complete watering solution for the beginner, the keen weekender, through to the demands of the professional gardener. The range covers not only hoses, carts and comprehensive accessories but also state of the art automatic solar systems, eco smart irrigation together with decorative sprinklers and even multi-colour LED watering units which are both fun and functional.

Eco Smart Solar efficiency

New for 2018 is the Flopro Eco Eco smart watering systemsSmart automatic solar powered watering system. This clever new concept is designed for use with water butts and other non-pressurised water sources. Quite simply, the more the sun shines, the more it waters! It’s easy to set up and use, irrigating pots and plants every 3 hours. A 200 litre water butt typically lasts for 3 weeks which means that plants will be watered even during holiday periods.

Fun and Functional

Flopro makes gardening a little more like fun with the introduction of efficient colourful sprinklers in the shapes of a dragonfly, butterfly, ladybird, flower and even tail spinning cats and dogs. Sprinklers illuminated with colourful LED lighting add even more fun for BBQs and evening entertaining. This new concept has been test marketed with outstanding results.

The Flopro 2018 range will be revealed at GLEE (Stand No 19G21)