Trees are a majestic and beautiful feature in the garden but when wood boring pests take over, the damage they leave behind can be devastating. Nemasys Fruit & Veg protection is the best way to protect trees as it controls a variety of pests including; carrot and cabbage root fly, cutworms, onion fly, sciarid fly, caterpillars, gooseberry sawfly, thrips, shore fly and codling moth.

The solution is an organic, child and pet-friendly solution that contains a mix of nematode species - these are naturally occurring microscopic worms that act as a natural pest control. 

Gavin Wood, business development and key account manager for nematodes, gives advice to gardeners on how to apply nematodes on trees.

He said: “To prevent pest damage to trees, our Nemasys range of products can be sprayed directly onto the bark. To do so, follow the usual Spraying a tree with Nemasyspacket instructions on how much water to mix in to create a stock solution. Then, instead of using a watering can, pour the solution into a spray pump and hold the handle about half a metre from the area which you want to treat. Once the area has been treated, the nematodes will target the pests and remove them, without causing any damage to the tree bark itself.”

In order to gain the best results, application is recommended between April and October.

To find out instructions on how to use BASF’s Nemasys products, click here to download a how-to-guide.