Why the Range of Cards You Stock is More Important Than Ever

Sending greeting cards is an integral part of British culture – with the United Kingdom purchasing more cards than any other country. Whether this is for the birth of a new family member or a loved one moving job, cards let your family know you are thinking of them and wishing them luck along the way.

So, it is no wonder our customers are finding new ways to send their favourite cards to their nearest and dearest. 

Here we will explore some non-traditional occasions for which people send cards and why you should stock up with cards from a reliable greeting card manufacturer for these moments.  

Stocking for non-traditional occasions

Baby showers and gender reveals

When it comes to announcing a pregnancy, mums-to-be have been known to throw baby showers and gender reveal parties. In fact, two-thirds of expecting mothers throw a baby shower for their upcoming arrival, and they do so for the most important part – the gifts. 

Having a wide variety of baby-focused greeting cards is important as gender reveals prove to be a growing trend beyond baby showers – with 15% of expecting parents choosing a gender reveal as opposed to only 9% the previous year. 

Guests won’t know the gender of the baby before arrival, so having genderless greetings cards is important here – or even predictive baby gender cards might be an option. 

Job quitting

Another trend that is gaining popularity is quitting your job with a consolation card. This twist on the traditional resignation letter has seen many people buying “sorry for your loss” cards for their managers. 

Leave it open

If there’s not a specific card geared towards the occasion you’re marking, choose an open card in a range of different styles without a message inside. Then, you can use your creativity to write your own greeting. One example of an unconventional celebration is the divorce party. People are now choosing to celebrate their broken unions and their new-found single life – and why not? 

Pexels Alleksana - range of greeting cardsWhy you should stock a range of greeting cards


Diversifying your card stock could help when it comes to the sustainability of your business. Not only will the large variety mean there is more choice for your customer, but it also means that by choosing trusty card suppliers, you can improve the carbon footprint of your company. By expanding your range to include sustainable products, you are more likely to appeal to the customer base, with 72% of purchasers wanting to buy more sustainably. 


Having a wide range of cards on offer is important for the diversity of your customer base. By providing cards for traditional celebrations such as Eid, Hannukah and Divali, you can give your customers a better choice. Ensuring your stock is varied is more likely to attract customers. 

In fact, 82% of customers are more likely to buy from companies which share their values, so practising inclusion and diversity in your card stock could help promote this. 

Drive competition

A more diverse product selection could also drive your business a step further than your competition. With customers searching for cards for all purposes, with the average Brit sending 22 cards per person per year, facilitating the market demand could see your company flourish, all the while giving you the competitive advantage - even in a saturated marketplace. 

Stocking a wide range of card designs can see your business drive a competitive gain. Not only are people looking for the social change represented on their greeting cards, but also, the ever-growing commitment to sustainable living means that more customers are looking for a wider range of card selections in line with their values. 








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