Update on Slug Pellets in the UK

Information on the new slug pellet ban and how to tackle those pesky slugs in your garden. Recently the story of slug pellets being banned in the UK has been doing the rounds. While there certainly is a story around slug pellets, it’s not quite so simple. In fact, there is only one specific ingredient that used to be quite common in slug pellets, known as metaldehyde, an active ingredient we stopped using at Evergreen Garden Care in 2015 which has been made illegal.

SlugClear slug pellets slug-snail barrier 2.5kgIt’s estimated that the average British Garden can contain as many as 20,000 slugs, which is around 200 per m2. Sadly, slugs like to feed on some of our favourite plants – particularly vegetables that we spend a long time growing, including lettuces, cabbages and young brassicas, like broccoli and cauliflower. In fact, according to the slug’s tastebuds, the younger the plant the better as it’s sweeter and tastier.

Finding the best way of combating slugs and snails without the use of harsh chemicals has always been a challenge to the home gardener. With many homemade solutions being tried, such as crushed eggshells, beer traps, wool pellets, and coffee grounds all with varying degrees of success.

FAQ on slug pellets and our products

  • Are all slug pellets now illegal in the UK?

No. Slug pellets are still legal, it is just one specific ingredient that is common in slug pellets that has been made illegal.SlugClear ultra 3 300g carton

  • What is the name of the ingredient that is now illegal?

The ingredient that was used in slug pellets that is now illegal is called metaldehyde.

  • Does Evergreen Garden Care produce any products that contain metaldehyde?

No. We stopped selling products containing metaldehyde in 2015.

  • Is ferric phosphate legal for use in slug pellets?

Yes. Ferric phosphate is a naturally occurring active ingredient that helps to control slugs.

  • Is there a product that can protect plants from being attacked by slugs?

Slug Clear Ultra 3 685gYes. Miracle-Gro Nourish & Protect for Flowers, Fruit & Veg creates a physical barrier to protect your plants from slugs and snails as soon as you plant them out. It also contains a slow-release feed.

  • Is there a legal slug pellet that I can use to control an existing slug problem?

Yes. SlugClear™ pellets are legal and produced from ferric Phosphate a natural occurring ingredient and help tackle slug problems in the garden.

  • Are Slug Clear pellets organic?

Yes. Slug Clear pellets are certified by OF&G and approved for use in organic systems.

  • Is Miracle-Gro Nourish & Protect Flowers, Fruit & Veg slug prevention organic?

Yes. Miracle-Gro Nourish & Protect Flowers, Fruit & Veg is certified organic by OF&G and approved for use in organic systems.

Slug Control – Which products to recommend? 

Clear™ offers the SlugClear™ pellets, which contain Ferric Phosphate and are approved for use inMiracle-gro Nourish Protect Plant food and slug protect 1kg organic gardening to deal with Slugs and snails in garden. The slug pellets protects gardens for up to two weeks and are ideal for salads, strawberries, brassicas and ornamentals.

Ferric phosphate occurs naturally in soil and is just concentrated in the pellets to become an effective control methods. The pellets can be sprinkled evenly and thinly over the soil around the plants to be protected allowing coverage for up to two weeks.

SlugClear™ Barrier is ideal for protecting vegetables, fruit and ornamental crops from slugs and snails. It blends in with the soil which keeps garden looking their best, with the additional benefit of it being safe for pets, children and wildlife. It can be used from March to October and is rain resistant and long lasting.

Slug Prevention

New for 2022, Miracle-Gro has launched the new Nourish & Protect range, which includes a slug prevention combined with a slow-release plant food that will create a physical barrier against slugs while feeding plants.
Perfect for adding when first planting seedlings, the Miracle-Gro Nourish & Protect Flowers, Fruit & Veg in a certified organic granular product made from natural lava rock which slugs will not cross to get to plants. Over time, as watering plants, the plant food infused granules will release all the nutrients to plants needed throughout the season.