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A rehabilitation service which helps people living with a brain injury or neurological conditions is setting up a horticultural project. Momentum Skills is calling on garden traders to help build up its project, which will offer a therapeutic and empowering experience for its users, by donating garden tools and supplies. Alistair Rowan from the organization explains how the project will work…

What is Momentum Skills and what services does it provide?

Momentum Skills West Midlands is a non-profit organisation based in the Birmingham City Centre that provides psychological and vocational rehabilitation services to those living with brain injuries or neurological conditions. Through a comprehensive training program, we aim to empower our clients so they can achieve their personal goals, gain the skills they need to live independently and gain access to employment.

Kent & Stowe Tool Stand

The 2018 gardening season has certainly been one to remember. At the start of the year the question on everyone’s mind was ‘When is it going to stop raining’.Then it did stop and summer arrived but the worry was how long the good weather was going to last. However, the sun just keeps on shining and here we are at the beginning of November and the leaves are still on the trees.

There were predictions of an early Autumn, but summer just wouldn’t let go, sogarden centres are ready for Christmas and consumers still enjoying lovely warm days. Things are now about to change with temperatures dropping to more seasonal norms and Autumn and Christmas ready for lift off.

Toro Helps You Prepare Your Garden For Winter

The start of September marks the beginning of autumn, but before we head indoors for the winter it’s essential to give your garden some TLC to prepare it for the cold months ahead. 

From clearing up fallen leaves that cause messy moss-covered turf, right down to cleaning your tools before packing them into the shed, there are some jobs that just can’t wait until next year.