Product Review: Cotswold Square Planter

In a world full of plastic, mass produced products, handcrafted items are a joy to behold. All of our products are handmade by our team of experts, just like our Cotswold square planter. Handmade by our fantastic team in the Cotswolds, it is one of our most popular items. Crafted from sustainably sourced treated Scandinavian Redwood. The perfect addition to any outdoor space, perfect for balconies, patios or garden space. 

Why use sustainably sourced wood? 

We make our square planter from sustainably sourced wood because we care about the environment. Our team have ratified all our suppliers to make sure that we are keeping on track with our mission of optimising what we can to become as environmentally friendly as possible. We also want to offer our customers quality products and help them make sustainable choices. 

Why do we use Scandinavian Redwood? 

We craft our timber products from Scandinavian Redwood for a few importantCotswold Square Planter reasons. It’s naturally resistant to moisture so it’s the ideal timber for outdoor furniture that’s made to last. It also looks the part and can be easily painted or varnished to suit the style of your garden. We have partnered with a leader in paint suitable for Scandinavian Redwood to provide our customers with the best service that we can. 

Uses for a square planter 

A square planter is a beautiful way to display flowers, shrubs, and small trees. It will look the part on your patio or anywhere you want a touch of style. You can also grow things like tomatoes, lettuce, beans, peppers, and herbs in them too. 

The benefits of having a square planter 

It adds some aesthetic appeal 

A square planter or two can be a lovely finishing touch to your garden, no matter how much space you’ve got. It maximises the available space and you can paint or varnish it to suit the style of your garden. Adding some beauty to a lovely garden. 

Square planters are made to last 

Our Cotswold square planter is pre-treated but if you continue to treat it once per year, it will last you a long time. Because it’s made from tough Scandinavian Redwood, it will take anything the British weather throws at it! It is a great gift as a wedding present or housewarming present as it lasts for years to come and is a great reminder of happy times! 

It’s the smart way to do your gardening 

Just because it has style, it doesn’t lack substance. A square planter is a smart way to look after your plants. They keep water close to the plants’ roots and weeds find it harder to grow in a raised container. You can also use fertilisers if you need to without worrying about the impact on surrounding plants. And speaking of surrounding plants, there’ll be no competition for nutrients either. Ideal for keeping your flowers flourishing! 

If growing veg and herbs is more your thing, you can do that in a square planter too. You can easily grow things like lettuce, tomatoes, beans, basil, and oregano. The added bonus is that the planter is portable so you can keep it close to your kitchen door. Perfect for when you need those homegrown ingredients to add to a dish. 

They are portable 

You’ll have no worries about your plants getting too little sun or being too exposed to the wind. You can move your planter to wherever it looks good and suits your plants or kitchen garden. Meaning that you can easily make space for your upcoming garden picnic while maximising the time your plants get into the sun. 

Our square planter is easy to drain 

There are side struts on the bottom of our Cotswold square planter so it allows water to run out freely. The design is extremely innovative which keeps soil in the planter while making sure that your plants are kept in the best position possible. 

There’s a lot to be said for having some handcrafted timber products in your garden. They bring style, classic beauty, and a whole lot of function too. They complement any other wooden products you have in your garden, including fences, wheelie bin stores or other planters. 

Wooden square planter