A New Vision for Plant Nutrition – Professional Feeds for the Home and Garden Market

Now in their third year, Gro-Expert are still new kids on the block. Set up mid-2020, Gro-Expert’s aim is to bring innovation to the way the retail industry currently creates and sells plant nutrient products. Gro Expert The retail industry, in general, make plant feeds to meet a price point resulting in low quality feeds which generate a sea of plastic bottles every year. Gro Expert seek to change this trend by offering the highest quality feeds and educate the end use in the use of lower volume feeding to reduce packaging.

Gro-Expert come with an excellent pedigree as the latest division of the Engage Group of companies renowned throughout the world for excellence in professional plant nutrient products and innovation in regenerative plant nutrition and plant health support products. 2020 saw the division generate an online presence supported by social media followed by an increase in market visibility with a superb response from RHS shows and GLEE 2021.

Gro-Expert brings three product categories to the home and garden market. All in One, Professional and Speciality. 

gro-expert all in one tomatoes plant nutritionGro-Experts new ‘All in One’ concept©, delivers multiple product packages specifically created for plant types such as Vegetable, Tomato, Berry, Flower and Lawn and are designed to fully support the nutritional and health requirements of plants. The ‘All in One’© box is unique to Gro Expert in the home and garden market and demonstrates the innovative and holistic approach to plant nutrition that Gro-Expert is striving for. Included in the tomato, berry and flower boxes are silicon, organic calcium, specific feeds and Aqualatus. In the lawn box there is organic iron, lawn feed and Aqualatus. 

The ‘Professional’ products are super concentrated liquid feeds used by professional growers. Concentrated feed delivers excellent crop growth with low volume applications. Gro-Expert products are low application feeds therefore the customer has more applications per bottle. Products are supplied in a special twin neck bottle making it easier to dispense the feed at the correct application rate and with no spillage. The Professional products currently cover the following plants: tomato, berry, flower and lawn.

Gro-Experts Seaweed 1L - Plant NutritionThe ‘Speciality’ products, like the Professional category, are super concentrated feeds and biostimulants used by professional growers. The aim of Gro-Expert’s Speciality products is to bring innovation and practical products to the home and garden market which improve plant health, reduce reliance of pesticides, reduce water requirement/applications, provide organic feeds and assist with growing media/compost management.

Two highlighted products from the Gro-Expert Speciality range are Root Booster and Bio Magnesium.  Root Booster is the perfect accompaniment to any planting, potting and sowing and will help establish cuttings 

and newly laid turf. It is 100% organic and made from concentrated plant extracts and plant sugars. It adheres to roots and stimulates growth naturally, by providing compounds which roots need to thrive. 

Bio Magnesium is a specialist feed for glasshouse fruiting vegetables. After the main three nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) which plants require for growth, the most important is magnesium. It is an essential part of the photosynthesis process and is important for feed uptake into the plant. What many home gardeners may not know is that to professional growers, magnesium is known as the ‘sugar nutrient’ in that it is vital to plant carbohydrate (sugar) synthesis and is possibly why

Gro Experts organic feeds are unique to them and bring two new nutrients under the retail organic umbrella. ‘Organic Calcium’, aids fruit growth and quality and significantly reduces calcium disorders in all fruiting and vegetable plants. ‘Organic Iron’ is designed for ornamentals and lawns which have a naturally higher iron demand and will keep them safely looking vibrant and green. 

Reduce reliance on pesticides and fungicides

Home gardeners are very savvy when it comes to not using insecticides so Gro-Expert offer silicon fertilisers as an alternative approach. Silicon is a trace element and is well known in the professional feeding world for its capability in reducing feeding from insect pests. Gro-Expert has silicon products they are ‘Natures Armour’ and ‘Silicon Strength’. They are both highly concentrated products with a very low application rate and work by rapidly increasing the strength of plant cuticle tissue which is difficult to feed on. They also stimulate the production of plant hairs which are made from silicon to create a dense forest of needles again to prevent feeding.  .

In addition, and a new introduction for 2022, is ‘Inner Strength’, a plant feed designed for use in the promotion of new growth and improved yields on vegetables, fruit (soft fruit and top fruit) and ornamentals. This is an advanced formulation containing key nutrients essential for photosynthesis, pollination, and maturity. Most importantly the nutrient package supports processes plants use to maintain established yield when they are under greater stress from fungi and bacterial infection

Reducing water requirement/applications

Aqualatus is a world leading technology used extensively in numerous countries. It reduces water requirement and application on soil grown plant to 50% and aids the nutrient movement in the rootzone, Aqualatus is not just for soil grown plants as it keeps growing media hydrated for far longer, so home gardeners  reduced watering even on containers, hanging baskets and grow bags. 

Gro-Expert continue to innovate and bring exciting professional technologies to the home and garden market and the latest products released in 2022 are ‘Seaweed Feed’ and ‘Rizoforte’. Seaweed feed is a 100% super concentrated seaweed blend. Harvested from the northern Scotland and western Ireland coasts, Seaweed feed uses cell burst technology from 4 seaweeds to provide a rich source or organic nutrient, phytohormones, amino acids and vitamins designed for all season use.  

Specifically designed root application ‘Rizoforte’ is a new concept for home gardening. Rizoforte is an organic rootzone pH and salt corrector to help optimise overall growth by naturally reducing the impact of unwanted chemistry and salts from soils and growing media.

For more information contact Gro-Expert on 01257 226590, Email: info@gro-expert.com or visit gro-expert.com.