Making the most of your garden this autumn

A common misconception is that homeowners only work on their garden throughout the summer, however, most furniture and exterior accessories need protection from the elements that are synonymous with the British autumn.

Sadolin’s Technical Consultant, Matthew Brown, comments on the importance of carefully preparing your garden for the change in season:

“Much of the preparation and organisation starts in the autumn and winter months. If any bare timber is exposed, then this will not be protected over the winter. The problem will quickly get much worse allowing unwanted moisture to get into the timber, leading to twisting, warping and splitting. This also exposes the wood to unwanted mould/fungal growth. Remember the undersides of sills, bottoms and tops of exterior doors and all end grains. These are all particularly vulnerable areas for moisture to get in. End grains are 100 times thirstier than the face grain you decorate.”

The Sadolin® Classic All Purpose Woodstain absorbs deeply into the timber to provide exceptional protection for your garden furniture. Celebrate the natural beauty of wood by treating furniture, fencing and garden buildings. The product is particularly effective on large areas including cladding, fascias, rough sawn timber and decking. It is also ideal as a base stain on new joinery which should be subsequently treated with Sadolin Extra

It can be used on all exterior and interior woods and is available in over 49 tinted shades, including Butterscotch, Red Pepper, Dark Olive, Amazonian, Smoky Blue, Deep Blue, Satin Lilac, Winter Ice and Peach Taffy. It is also available in natural colours, celebrating the raw beauty of wood; these colours comprise of Natural, Light Oak, Heritage Oak, Antique Pine, Burma Teak, African Walnut, Redwood, Mahogany, Teak, Rosewood, Jacobean Walnut, Dark Palisander and Ebony.

Sadolin ® Classic Woodstain is simple and easy to use, making it the perfect DIY companion for beginners and experts alike, guaranteeing a quality finish for your garden.

Making the most of your garden this autumnMaking the most of your garden this autumnMaking the most of your garden this autumn