Firemizer grid is designed to save you money and help the environment

Firemizer is a fuel and money-saving device which sits at the base of your open fire, stove, chimenea or BBQ, and helps to reduce the amount of fuel needed and creates a longer-lasting and more eco-friendly fire. CEO Brian Irvine tells Garden Trade Specialist Magazine why his product can revolutionise log and coal-burning efficiency.

What is Firemizer and how does it work?
Firemizer is a fuel-saving mesh grid that is scientifically proven to improve the look of your fire, make it last longer and improve its carbon footprint. The flexible grid, which is made up of a special blend of stainless steel alloys that are patented and welded together, is placed on the base of your stove or hearth. By increasing log burning efficiency in your multi-fuel stove, wood burner or fireplace with Firemizer is less carbon intensive than electric heating and can limit emissions by up to 72% as well as solid fuel usage by up to 38%.

Firemizer spreads the heat evenly across your fire to ensure all of the fuel is burnt thoroughly, enabling you to enjoy your perfect fire for longer.

One grid will typically last up to 500 burning hours, which is equivalent to six weeks if used for 12 hours per day, making for significant cost savings. For example if a household spends an average of £5 per week on wood or coal, Firemizer could save up to £100 per year, in addition to their reduced central heating bills. 

Brian Irvine CEO of Firemizer

How long have you been selling the product?
The product in its most recent form has been on the market since 2015, early versions used in the automotive industry date back to 1993.

Who are your main customers and what benefit do they get from your product?
Through statistics and customer surveys, we have found that our target and most prolific customers are middle-aged homeowners. As the product's benefits align with saving money and the environment, we can cater to both money-conscious individuals and high earners with expendable income that want to do their bit for the environment. The beauty of Firemizer is its diversity and simplicity.

Where do you see the product going in the future?
Our end goal is to provide a Firemizer for every home with a log burner/multi-fuel stove, fireplace, BBQ and even a pizza oven installed. The economic and environmental changes the country could see with this alone is phenomenal. Co2 emissions could be reduced by 540,000 tonnes per year in the UK if all the coal fires used the product. We aim for Firemizer to become a household essential, worldwide.

For more information, see the Firemizer website.