68% of UK Dog Owners planning to spend more this Christmas than last year

A recent survey by Savile Row Company, a London based suits and shirts tailor, has revealed that 40% of UK dog owners spend more on their beloved pooches than family at Christmas.

Of the same group, a quarter admitted to spending more on their dog than their significant other.

This is good news for retailers of dog accessories, gifts and supplies, with 68% of the same group stating that they are planning to spend more on their dogs this year compared to last year.

Most of the respondents (35%) are planning to spend up to £25 on their dogs this Christmas, however 22% will be spending up to £50 and 10% will be spending over this amount.

So what should retailers stock up on this Christmas? 

If the data is anything to go by it seems outfits for dogs are a popular choice over the festive season, 75% of UK dog owners, and over a 1/3 admit to dressing their dog up for special occasions such as Christmas. 68% of UK Dog Owners planning to spend more this Christmas than last year

Not only this, but of these dog owners, 44% said that they would wearing matching outfits with their dogs, meaning there is a market for matching human and dog outfits this Christmas and in the future.

Alison Davies, owner of Bun the Sausage Dog, a doggy Instagram influencer with over 21K followers, said: “We share our homes, food, love and (in our case) bed with the dog. Dogs are our best friends and who doesn’t want to match with their bestie”

“We have probably spent about £100-120 ourselves and we have been lucky enough to be gifted about £200-250 worth of coats and clothes for Bun.”

For those worrying that these outfits embarrass dogs, don’t worry, embarrassment is not within a dog’s range of emotions.

Stanley Coren, PhD., DSc., FRSC, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychology, stated in a Psychology Today article that: “You can feel free to dress your dog in that silly costume for a party. He will not feel shame, regardless how ridiculous he looks.”